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CAP's Wig Program

To Book an Appointment Call
Cancer Assistance Program

Tel: 905 383 9797x105 

At CAP, we understand the importance of wigs for cancer patients. Beyond simply covering hair loss, wigs play a crucial role in reclaiming dignity and helping individuals feel at ease in their own skin once again. 

We provide free wigs because we believe in offering practical support that goes beyond the physical. By offering free wigs, we aim to alleviate some of the emotional burden that comes with hair loss, allowing our clients to focus on their journey towards healing.

Our wig room offers a private and comfortable space where clients can receive personalized assistance from our trained volunteers. Here you can explore our collection of cleaned and brushed wigs, ensuring that you can find one that suits your style and preferences. Clients can take their chosen wig home the same day they visit us.

In addition to wigs, the Cancer Assistance Program provides a range of other essential items, including head coverings, mastectomy garments, and breast prostheses. 


Too book an appointment, call 905-383-9797x105. Before your appointment browse our website to find a wig styles you're interested in trying on.  We'll ensure that your selected wigs are ready for you to explore during your visit.

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